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Nervous Subject is a hardcore family Sim.

I tried to write a short story about dark!Nervous based on three pictures from a random photo shoot I did. This is the result.

(This is assuming Nervous's father is the Grim Reaper or Death.)

It's very dark, and probably would count as a horror story.


All Nervous Subject wanted was a family.

His life with the Beakers hadn't worked out quite the way he'd planned. They'd been willing to take this abandoned kid they'd picked up in a graveyard into their house. They were willing to share their controversial paranormal experiments with him. He'd returned the favor by caring for them and helping them with their experiments.

They'd shielded him from the prying eyes and rumor mill of Strangetown.

They even went so far as to make him a member of their family in an unprecedented three-way marriage.

But they had a little trouble making the sort of commitment Nervous needed.

Their meeting with his father was almost a disaster. Nervous had sensed their reluctance when he brought out his special phone to plan a meeting. Nervous tried to tell himself that they'd get over it. They were just worried they wouldn't live up to his father's standards, which, considering who Nervous's father was, would be a reasonable reaction.

But not two seconds after he finished the call, he turned around and saw them practically falling over each other to get to the door.

At that point, Nervous got nervous. They couldn't possibly be trying to leave, not after all they'd been through together. Did they not promise to honor each other, for better or for worse? In sickness and in health?

'Til death did they part?

He crept toward them, feeling his heart splinter like the handle of the old axe he dragged behind him.

It turned out they were anxious about meeting Nervous's father. Nervous arranged for them to meet him a little early so they'd have nothing to be afraid of.

Nervous had almost finished mopping up the blood by the time his father arrived.

He was determined to have his family stay together forever.


The three pictures (there's only a blood stain, nothing gorier than that):

Hopefully, I didn't ruin his character.


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Jun. 26th, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)
So the secret was from you! I should have guessed that.
You didn't ruin his character, it wasn't like Nervous was evil on purpose, was it? For me, the story could have been even darker (and longer). And I loved how Nervous got nervous, so typical of him xd and I also love his look in the pictures, especially his t-shirt :)
Jul. 15th, 2013 02:53 am (UTC)
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

I might make it longer, if I figure out how to go about writing it.
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