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Writer's Block: Pros and Cons

How has technology benefited the world? Or has it worsened it?

I think technology has made the world better. You can find information on things faster. Without the Internet, I'd have to wait until a book I requested arrived at the library, and if the library doesn't have a book on a subject I want, I'm out of luck, unless I want to buy the book (which might be hard, since lots of bookstores in my area seem to be closing).

You can also talk to people (assuming they're honest about their personality and experiences) if for some reason, you can't get out to meet people.

Also, if you're an artist, you can set up a blog or a youtube channel and attract viewers/listeners/readers that way. You're not limited to your own city, which may not be interested the kind of work you do. It makes it easier for people to find an audience (or someone who can critique their work).

Of course, you will find bad fanfiction and bad fanart, and you will find unsavory characters and misinformation, but those were around before the internet. We're just more aware of them because we can see them more easily. (And they're not all bad. You just have to be careful.)